Friday, June 28, 2013

Marimekko pants

I'll just start off by saying that I recognize these pants are a little insane. In my head these were going to be just a little funky and mostly fabulous, but as I got further and further into them I realized they were not quite what I intended. These are made from a fabric remnant I got at the Marimekko store while I was recently in Vancouver, and while I was sitting in the hotel room with the fabric draped over my lap, I thought -- pants! Printed pants are all over the place right now, and what could be better than Marimekko printed pants? The scale of the print is probably too big for pants, though, and the fact that I had a veeeerrry small piece of fabric and had essentially no choice about pattern placement also didn't help. Midway through sewing them, the SO started singing "Funky Pants" (to the tune of Funky Town) whenever I went to go work on them. The final shot to my confidence in the Marimekko pants project came when my sewing/running buddy affectionately told me that if I wore these to teach I would probably be known as Professor CrazyPants. There are probably worse things to be known for in academia, but suffice it to say I've decided these will probably remain weekend pants.
On the plus side, this is now the third pair of bottoms that I've sewn recently using my digital pants sloper, and the fit is really pretty good now. The first attempt I made at sewing something using that sloper was in a linen fabric that just stretched endlessly when I tried to sew it, and in my frustration with that project I never managed to get around to picking the sloper pattern back up again. Maybe one more pair of pants is in order, this time in a more sedate fabric!