Wednesday, January 13, 2010

474 Hell yeah!

Highest score EVAR for me in Scrabble today! Oh yeah. Here's the final board, and the final score was 474 to 251. This was a pretty seriously good game for me considering that my previous highest score was 421, but luck was also on my side: I got both blank tiles, each of which I played for a bingo, and the X, Q and J. I play on facebook with one of the professors in my department, and we're a pretty good match. Last semester he beat me quite a bit (increasing my beer debt, since we play for beer), but this semester I'm up on him 3-1 so far. Bet he's not too happy about this last game!

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  1. 5 bucks for everyone who can tell me what "lat," "rath," "naw," and "za" mean without consulting a dictionary...