Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sewing sunday

Technically I guess I did most of this last night and not on sunday, but hey. I finally got around to finishing this dress which fit so badly the first time that I tried it on. Fortunately after taking in the side seams, the fit was much much better. I think the waist ended up being just about perfect!

This is a picture of my first try on in the mirror (with my lovely knee socks, it's cold here today). The neckline is a little gap-y, so I put an additional snap on the front to tame that a bit. I also raised the armhole while I was taking in the sides, because it was pretty low on the original pattern. I think I raised it by an inch and a half, and you can still see my bra if I raise my arm all the way. I think I'll just leave it as is, though, and wear my teal bra with the dress so it won't be noticeable.

Here's a second try on pic to see if the neckline looks better with the snap, and I couldn't resist putting on the boots and the belt to see how the whole ensemble will look. It's sadly way too cold to wear this right now, but when we get a day that's less hideous I'll get my SO to take some proper pics of me to post on BurdaStyle.

In other very exciting news, I got a new sewing machine! I'll write more about the sewing machine later, but one of the coolest things about this new machine is the extremely pretty buttonholes that it makes. For this dress, I did slightly rounded buttonholes. They came out quite well for my first time using it, but when I was cutting open the buttonholes I clipped a good number of them and now they look all raggedy :-/ It's not really noticeable once the dress is buttoned up, but I'm sad about it nonetheless. I'll remember to be much more careful when I do the buttonholes on my vest.


  1. Hello there! I just read your comment on Gertie's covered button post and realized we're both in Ithaca! (The "Centrally Isolated" gave it away...LOL) I work at Olin Library; just think, it's possible we've crossed paths on campus.

    I like this dress a lot; the bodice is one of my favorite cuts. I too have clipped buttonholes and wept bitter tears. Sigh.

    Nice to meet a local sewing buff - I'm always so jealous of the sewers who live in big cities, aren't you? They can get their hands on just about any fabric or notion. Double sigh.

    Nice to meet you!

  2. I bet we have crossed paths on campus, because I certainly spend a lot of time at the library! I just saw your comment today (sigh to me not setting up comment notification) and I don't know if you'll see my response to this, but if you do, hi! It's nice to know that there are other sewing fiends other there in Ithaca...

  3. Hi - I just stopped in (and am wicked jealous of your custom pants pattern) and saw your reply. I work behind the scenes at the library, so you're most likely to have seen me in the cafe at Olin, if anywhere. Nice to meet you!