Monday, January 11, 2010

Hemming income = guilt free pattern shopping!

A friend of mine has offered to pay me for hemming up some pants for her (which I should be pretty good at by now, considering all of the pants I've hemmed for my own short legs), and so I think I'm going to feed this income right back into my sewing obsession by buying some new patterns! I've been eying up the new Colette patterns line for a while and feeling too guilty to splurge on new patterns, but this is just the excuse I need. These patterns are goooooorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that I have no idea which ones to get. Sencha seems like a pattern I'll get lots of mileage out of and is probably a must buy:

I think I already have some fabrics in my stash that would be pretty great for this blouse. There's also a variation with front pleats and one with a keyhole neckline and a little tie as well. But which one of the dresses should I get? Both Rooibos and Oolong are pretty fantastic, and I think Macaron with look awesome with a sheer contrasting fabric on top. Decisions, decisions... but I guess first I should find some time to actually finish hemming the pants!

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