Friday, March 5, 2010

I am the statistically average woman

As I found out today in my fitting for the custom fitted pants project, I am the statistically average woman. As it turns out, I am the height of the average North American woman (162 cm) and have almost exactly the average hip to waist ratio for "body group 2," which is the average body group for this study (a butt which is neither flat nor prominent). So, I am the average of the averages! Who would have thought? You'd think that if I was so ridiculously average I would be able to find reams of nice-fitting pants. In fairness, I have an easier time finding pants that fit than shirts that fit, because my bust size is definitely (ahem) above average.

I tried on my pants muslin today, and my friendly local pants-fitting grad student marked off the areas where it needed adjusting. She had me try them standing, sitting, and walking -- when I first tried them on I thought that they were much too big, but with a non-stretch fabric you definitely need some extra bagginess for sitting in comfort. I often forget this when I'm adjusting stuff myself, and then it looks awesome in the mirror but is uncomfortable to actually wear all day. Note to self -- try stuff on while sitting down in the future, unless I'm only planning on walking around and looking cute all day. I can't wait to get the final pattern so that I can make myself a pair of pants!

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