Thursday, March 18, 2010

New foot!

I finally got around to doing some sewing errands today... I popped over to my friendly local Pfaff dealer to pick up an invisible zipper foot because they have a 20% off feet sale this week. It's just a little plastic doodad that looks like this pic here, but it retails for thirty bucks! It's kind of an expensive thing to buy just for putting in zippers, but the zipper on my Rooibos muslin just really isn't as invisible as I would like it to be. It seems there's a limit to how accurate I can be with my normal zipper foot and without endangering my fingers.

I also dropped off my wool crepe fabric that I'll use to make the "real" version of the Rooibos at the drycleaners today. Apparently it's only $7 or so for them to pre-treat it, which seems perfectly reasonable to me since it would probably take me a good hour (and an annoying hour at that) to steam treat it myself. Obviously I won't have the dress done in time to go to NYC this weekend, but I did finish my Beignet skirt. It looks great! My SO took a few quick snaps when I got dressed this morning. I'm tempted to pull them off of his camera now, but I'll resist doing this because I know he'll be annoyed if he doesn't have a chance to "process" them (whatever this means for digital pictures). Pics to follow soon!

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